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We have the largest database for renters who are looking for their next home. Whether you are seeking month to month, long term lease or want to join our 0 Down Rent to Own Program we have your new home available now.
With so many homes to choose from AND no credit check we are sure to help you find something that is works for you.
Have been helping renters and homeowners since 2005. Choose to rent to own or simply rent month to month. We can guarantee if you have a job you can move in as soon as Monday morning with no security deposit!

What separates ours from the rest out there? Results! We get results. We are a real company with an actual staff. People come back to what they KNOW works.

If your goal is to end your home search frustrations due to poor or no credit, insufficient down payment, or any of the other common myriad of issues associated with this process then we can help! Qualify almost every single applicant and can send you over almost any down payment hurdle. You will be able to see real homes near you that you can actually buy or use a rent to own contract. you will be able move into your new place sooner than you think!

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